The more effective evil

love-that-demThe gubernatorial race in Virginia drew a great deal of attention from my friends thanks to the proximity.  There was no Green in the race, nor obviously could I vote, but I was still the recipient of a lot of advertisements about it, and a great deal of the usual justifications trotted out by rank-and-file Democrats that make up the majority of my base of friends for their actions.

A local Maryland Democrat and a great friend who is somewhat sympathetic to my political viewpoint, posted a message from Planned Parenthood in Virginia on an online forum we frequent concerning the election.  It was a congratulatory message that they “KEPT KEN OUT!”…which I considered painfully apropos to Democrats in general.  The race was considered to be between a Republican and “someone else” – who suddenly became vital to vote for given no other considerations as a purely defensive measure.  A discussion ensued in which I was led to discuss my own view on the matter – and while I don’t generally do this, I thought it might be illustrative to reproduce it here, with a minimal amount of editing to take out some references to other friends and family members.  I began: Continue reading


Baby, you can’t drive your car

I took a train to Rhode Island this weekend (but they made me put it back – bada-BING!) While there, no fewer than two locals told me, in the space of a number of hours, that Rhode Islanders ranked dead last among the states in terms of drivers’ knowledge of traffic laws. Given that Rhode Islanders’ driving in general may be charitably described as “freeform”, that seemed likely. I got home and looked it up online, and, sure enough, the intarnets delivered…but of course, there were apparently madmen who had influence on the test results. Not that Maryland ranked 44th, in a tie with the District; I get along fine in traffic around here, but have also driven here in rain and especially snow, and the ability of my fellow Murlinders to figure out what in the name of Jee-zuss they are doing with their vehicles under those circumstances leads me to believe that the average performance might have been brought down by those days, or by the Beltway (either) in general. No, the truly mad part was that the Philistine, unibrowed, sloped-forehead “drivers” of Virginia ranked 15th. Did they test this ability from orbit? The entire state is composed of people who think they are too good to drive but aren’t, or people who are actually too bad to drive and do. I fully expect to see crates of ripped-open Cracker Jack boxes by the sides of the unmarked and no-U-turns-allowed roads in Virginia as evidence of where the latest crop of unguided missiles called Virginia drivers received their licenses. Continue reading