Out standing in my field

ImageUnusual times I find myself in of late.  My view on several issues is well-represented in the opinions expressed in Congress and among the public in general, even if it is not necessarily shared by the majority.  As an example, on the Affordable Care Act, while certain provisions are useful and I’m glad they were included, I am overall opposed to it and believe it should be repealed.  On the legality of President Obama’s actions as Commander-in-Chief, I believe that the President has committed impeachable offenses, and would be in favor of articles to that effect being drawn up and debated in the House of Representatives.  Both of these stances should place me squarely within the ideological grounds of Congressional Republicans, and perhaps within their vocal “Tea Party” minority. Continue reading


Hitting the small time

I don’t pat myself on the back very often – no, really, I don’t – but boy howdy, my latest podcast ep suddenly took off.  Granted, it has more to do with my loverly efbq hawking it on a couple of podcast sites than anything I did, but it’s still nice to have happen.  It stars m’self and my sister (link to her usual font of incorrectness), and it was pretty good.  Another ep is of course in the works, so stay tuned.

That and my fantasy baseball team being in first place is enough to brighten my spirits a bit after the pounding that Jesse Johnson took in Maine, which is essentially enough to take him right out of the race.  At least we won’t be doing what Hillary is doing, though he is staying in the race.  (Note to “Mary”: what do we have to lose?  Have a look at Hillary and ask that again.  Betcha can’t.)

Busby Berkeley couldn’t put on a show like this

And now, a heartfelt thank you to the Democratic Party, for making this season so entertaining.  I’ve been telling the folks I know who’re still dancing in the streets from the 2006 “revolution” that I had faith, even given the wildly unpopular proto-fascist regime in the White House, that they could indeed screw this up; even when no way seemed possible, I sat and waited for them to invent one out of whole cloth.  It’s so gratifying to have my faith rewarded.  HuffPost, which is like the Soap Opera Digest of the Democratic Party, is all over it, of course: Hillary vows not to leave, Obama gets a what-the-hell-is-he-doing push from Sen. Bob Casey (D?), and Harry Reid says to pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.  Meanwhile, Samantha Power still lurks in the background, letting us know what we can expect from Obama’s troops-out pledges in the General, and Ralph Nader, who really has by this point jumped right out of the Green Party and over a shark, is making the friendly suggestion that Hillary stay in the race.  Comedy gold. Continue reading

Do I have to put you both in time out?

Oh, boy.  Missed this the first time out.  Yes, Olberman went a bit over the top last week about Hillary – I tend to side with politics1.com that you will have idiots who sing your praises no matter who you are, so the association shouldn’t necessarily mean anything – but in deference, when this is on the other side, you may feel some pressure to raise the volume.  “Keith Olberman doesn’t care about Democratic people!”  She even spoilers him – and, backhandedly, Obama, for not going to the back of the bus like a good fellow and letting Lady MacHillary have her Party-decreed turn.  The noive o’ that guy!