Putin Watch

Hello, fellow patriots!  It’s time once again to look out for Vladimir Putin!  He’s the sneaky, all-powerful no-goodnick behind all of America’s woes, and the real reason that we have his lackey Donald Trump as our President!  Remember: don’t listen to those people calling for arcane things like “evidence” — they’re all Putin stooges!  Here’s the latest in nefarious Putin news… Continue reading


Looking back at looking forward

I was chatting with a friend recently when I recalled a prediction that I’d made many, many years ago.  It’s useful to look back at such things in order to differentiate one’s self from the huge mass of agitprop-spewing talking heads in today’s Mainstream Media.  The current standard for punditry requires no adherence to fact or reality at all, and this in turn makes it pretty entertaining.  (Take John Derbyshire’s recent swan dive into the shallow end – so breathtakingly free of sense that his brothers-in-pomposity at the National Review have been spinning like tops in their efforts to pretend he never actually wrote for them.)  Alas, I like to look at the facts of the situation in as sober a way as possible, and change what I think when it doesn’t conform.  Nowhere near as much fun to read, I’ll grant, but I never claimed to be anything but stodgy. Continue reading

Quick update: 2012 Maryland Green Primary election

Results from the Maryland Green Primary election (which I suppose should be considered unofficial, even though I was one of the guys that counted the votes…)
Jill Stein: 79%
Roseanne Barr: 14%
Kent Mesplay: 2%
scattering: 5%

As a result, Jill Stein will receive five of Maryland’s six delegates to the Green National Convention; Roseanne Barr will receive the remaining one.

Add it up

love-that-demWrote this a week or two ago, but never finished it.  May as well post what I have while it’s relevant and finish it later…or perhaps even provoke some commenters into doing it for me.

…nah, that’ll never happen.

Was reading yesterday in Rolling Stone about the state of the Republican Party post-2008.  It’s a lovely bit of schadenfreude, but I was tinged with a bit of sadness and frustration about the whole thing – and not because a bunch of guys who I think should dry up and blow away politically elicit any sympathy from me.

Briefly, in case you’ve been hiding under a rock, the GOP is in a grand clash right now between the ideologically pure segment (Cheney, Limbaugh, Sanford, Gingrich, Grover Norquist, et al.) and the old-time politicos (Lindsey Graham, Charlie Crist, Colin Powell, et al.) over the future direction of the party.  The moderates, for what appear to be mostly practical reasons, want to back off on some of the more strident bits of ideology and try to appeal to the former “Reagan Democrats” (who may or may not be a fictional construct; more on that a different time).  The purists want to keep dragging the party to the right, as they’ve done with the entire country since Reagan, and, earlier, Goldwater.

The sad part about this is that never has there been a better, more apt, more shining example of a need for electoral reform than this intra-party ideological struggle, and yet no one is looking at – sorry, but I have to use it – the elephant in the room.  In any sane democratic system, this battle wouldn’t be fought out in the wonkish margins of the Times’ editorial pages (be it the NY or DC) – the two sides would simply break off, post different candidates, and decide at the ballot box.  But because of the two-party system, that obvious solution can’t be done. Continue reading

Political analysis with a side of salsa

heisenbergSome of you folks may have been waiting for my comments on the recently concluded election.  (Well, let’s be fair – no, you weren’t.  But that’s not going to stop me from saying something.)  Anyway, I’ve given it a great deal of thought, and here’s what I came up with:

Go to 19th and Q, NW, in the District – that’s in the Dupont Circle area – and head into the café in back of Kramerbooks.  Once seated, order one of their better bheers and get the “nachitos”.  Don’t ask me why they call them that – they’re nachos…but boy howdy, those are the best nachos you will have anywhere.  They are insanely good. Continue reading

The pepperoni poll

ballotboxAnyone else seen this? If you order a pizza through Domino’s Web site, while you are waiting for delivery, you can take a poll. Yes, America’s pizza voters now have a voice!

It’s a cute three-question thing, and it provides the results (I would assume of all voters nationwide who purchase pizzas through the Web site) after your vote. So without further ado, and with the recognition that this is already a week or two old… Continue reading

The State of the Union, abridged

alexAnd now, a quick summary of where we are, courtesy of your friends at the Hidden Message.

  • We’re broke. No, I mean really. Really, really, no dough, all skint. As in out-of-doors, hand-to-mouth, ramen-is-lookin’-good broke. Wall Street is advising clients to invest in canned goods and ammunition.* And those in charge – the ones who nominally have to fix all this – are the idiots whose belief that everything is best when it’s auctioned off for a profit on the way to the golf course caused about 95% of this mess in the first place. This means that not only are we broke, we’re also screwed. And so is the next President.
  • Speaking of which, the nominal “opposition” “party” is lining up to drink the Kool-Aid proffered by these same idiots. Doing the dispensing is the current Presidential candidate, who is just happy that his base thinks he walks on water and everyone else is distracted by the wailing and gnashing of teeth on Wall Street – otherwise they might realize that caving in when the chips are down is really nothing new for this guy (FISA, war funding, etc.)
  • The Great Reformer, John McCain – a “maverick” in the same sense that Obama is “opposition” – is “suspending his campaign” and heading back to Washington so he can strap on his Superman cape and save the country. This apparently means…um, we’re not sure. He’s still collecting money, doing interviews (except on Letterman), running ads, and the like; he knows as much about the economy as he does about taming mountain lions in the Kalahari; and he really can’t strap on a cape without his wife’s help. But he won’t debate, given that this is so all-fired important, and especially he won’t allow have Sarah Palin debate. She should be seen and not heard, after all…meanwhile, the “maverick” is cozying up to the current Pres Resident on his recovery plan (*ack ack ack*) and desperately hoping no one brought along a camera, or otherwise makes the connection that this walking disaster incumbent of the 30%-and-falling approval rating is actually, y’know, in his party.
  • While McCain drops the Cone of Silence on his cartoon-character running mate, Cynthia McKinney has offered to debate Obama in McCain’s absence on Friday. This will of course happen, right after Sen. Obama removes his own appendix with a bottle of Scotch and a rusty chainsaw.
  • The Libbies believe that the reason all of this happened is that there was just too much regg-uh-lay-shun, durn it!…which is the best reason I can think of to not allow the LP to run a luncheon, much less the country. Or, rather, they would be saying this if they weren’t currently having an ego-fueled bitchfest between Bob Barr and Ron Paul that makes Ralph Nader look like Mr. Rogers (more forthcoming from the HM on that score).
  • In a related topic, Chuck Baldwin of the John Birch Soci Constitution Party, the noted pastor who believes that America was founded solely as a Christian nation, is the current crush object and donation recipient of the Ron Paul Blimp of Luuuvvv. In further related news, Verne Troyer has signed as a center by the Los Angeles Lakers, and a spokesman for the sun has revealed that it will be rising in the west tomorrow, “just for a change of pace”.

Yeah, I’m watching this election. The problem is, I’m not watching it from far enough away.

* Yeah, I nicked this line. Couldn’t help it.