The more effective evil

love-that-demThe gubernatorial race in Virginia drew a great deal of attention from my friends thanks to the proximity.  There was no Green in the race, nor obviously could I vote, but I was still the recipient of a lot of advertisements about it, and a great deal of the usual justifications trotted out by rank-and-file Democrats that make up the majority of my base of friends for their actions.

A local Maryland Democrat and a great friend who is somewhat sympathetic to my political viewpoint, posted a message from Planned Parenthood in Virginia on an online forum we frequent concerning the election.  It was a congratulatory message that they “KEPT KEN OUT!”…which I considered painfully apropos to Democrats in general.  The race was considered to be between a Republican and “someone else” – who suddenly became vital to vote for given no other considerations as a purely defensive measure.  A discussion ensued in which I was led to discuss my own view on the matter – and while I don’t generally do this, I thought it might be illustrative to reproduce it here, with a minimal amount of editing to take out some references to other friends and family members.  I began: Continue reading


Looking back at looking forward

I was chatting with a friend recently when I recalled a prediction that I’d made many, many years ago.  It’s useful to look back at such things in order to differentiate one’s self from the huge mass of agitprop-spewing talking heads in today’s Mainstream Media.  The current standard for punditry requires no adherence to fact or reality at all, and this in turn makes it pretty entertaining.  (Take John Derbyshire’s recent swan dive into the shallow end – so breathtakingly free of sense that his brothers-in-pomposity at the National Review have been spinning like tops in their efforts to pretend he never actually wrote for them.)  Alas, I like to look at the facts of the situation in as sober a way as possible, and change what I think when it doesn’t conform.  Nowhere near as much fun to read, I’ll grant, but I never claimed to be anything but stodgy. Continue reading

Coming out in the wrong direction

So, President Obama stood up for gay marriage.  Except, of course, he didn’t, and it really didn’t mean that much.

And, of course, to hammer the point in, WaPo breaks a story the next day revealing that Mitt Romney, the Not-Obama designate, harrassed a gay kid while in high schoolGosh, that’s convenient.   Particularly when all this happens after Biden’s trial balloon.

None of this is particularly surprising.  He’s likely always been in favor, until he wasn’t because of what he was running for, and now that he’s seen a seam in the defense’s coverage, so to speak, he’s “evolved” back to it again.  The Right has responded as hoped, and Romney is caught in the middle as planned*. Continue reading

A Taste of the Coming Dark Ages

The Internet interprets censorship as damage, and routes around it.
– John Gilmore, 1993

It’s now just after midnight on the East Coast, and Websites around the Internet are returning from a self-imposed blackout in protest of two nominally anti-piracy bills which are currently in both houses of Congress.  It appears to have been a successful protest which has caused a number of supporters to re-think their opinion on the bills.  The White House had previously voiced concern over the bills as well.  It’s a welcome trend against two bills which are very poorly crafted.

The protest also placed the subject first and foremost in the awareness of netizens, such that there is no need to conduct any substantive review of the points of the debate here; however, there are more things which must be borne in mind by those who are heeding the suggestions of the tech companies which stand in opposition to the bills. Continue reading

Political analysis with a side of salsa

heisenbergSome of you folks may have been waiting for my comments on the recently concluded election.  (Well, let’s be fair – no, you weren’t.  But that’s not going to stop me from saying something.)  Anyway, I’ve given it a great deal of thought, and here’s what I came up with:

Go to 19th and Q, NW, in the District – that’s in the Dupont Circle area – and head into the café in back of Kramerbooks.  Once seated, order one of their better bheers and get the “nachitos”.  Don’t ask me why they call them that – they’re nachos…but boy howdy, those are the best nachos you will have anywhere.  They are insanely good. Continue reading

News you can use (against me later)

love-that-demFirst of all, everyone who’s coming here from the Green blog rolls and such, welcome.  THM won’t be participating in the upcoming Green blog “parties” on Election Day…mostly because I’ll be “on the air”.  Yes, our sister site, The Secret Frequency, a Green podcast, will be on for much of the night with updates, in a fashion that I’ll explain in the next post.

For right now, I wanted to make some predictions having to do with the election and some politics and events in general, because…y’know, that’s what blogs like this do, and because I’m seeing some trends that are neat to mention.  I don’t have the benefit of the megascientific-but-still-somehow-flawed polls…so most of these are a combination of trends with some numbers behind them and a lot of gut feelings.  Ordinarily I cast aspersions on such gut feelings, but hey, going with your gut can often give you some insights that those too deep in the forest might miss.  And of course, going with your gut in doing a blog post and going with your gut when running the country are two very different things, the first being merely fanciful and slightly edgy and the second being galactically stupid.

Anyway, here they are: Continue reading

Concerning the Emperor, and his lack of clothes

objectionOne of the important but least relished roles that Greens have in our political debate today is that of the professional killjoy. Those who are derided for being so out of touch and so pie-in-the-sky with their views that they “think they can win” an election look around them at the two-party chicanery and the wild pronouncements of their followers and can only just shake their heads, and in many cases, thank their lucky stars that they remain so “deluded” by the truth. Continue reading