Out standing in my field

ImageUnusual times I find myself in of late.  My view on several issues is well-represented in the opinions expressed in Congress and among the public in general, even if it is not necessarily shared by the majority.  As an example, on the Affordable Care Act, while certain provisions are useful and I’m glad they were included, I am overall opposed to it and believe it should be repealed.  On the legality of President Obama’s actions as Commander-in-Chief, I believe that the President has committed impeachable offenses, and would be in favor of articles to that effect being drawn up and debated in the House of Representatives.  Both of these stances should place me squarely within the ideological grounds of Congressional Republicans, and perhaps within their vocal “Tea Party” minority. Continue reading


Green VP pick: it’s Honkala

Jill Stein has selected her running mate the day before the convention opens: Cheri Honkala, of Pennsylvania.  CBS has the story, in the inimitable style that is the Mainstream Media attempting to understand something that hasn’t been gatekeeper-approved yet.  At least CBS isn’t openly mocking Stein, but read the story and see if there isn’t an undertone there of, “Wait…who are you again and what are you doing in our election?”

The choice is mildly interesting.  Honkala is National Coordinator of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, among other accomplishments in a fairly impressive resume; I’d put her up against Joe Biden, certainly, and whomever Mitt Romney chooses.  Her record and speaking style (I have heard her speak briefly) suggest someone who can stand her ground, and her choice highlights Stein’s commitment to domestic economic issues as the primary focus of her campaign.  It also represents something of a reversal for Stein, who during the primaries suggested she would be looking for geographic balance for the ticket, which seemed to indicate Kent Mesplay of California, who ran a distant third in the voting in his third attempt at the nomination.  Mesplay certainly would have been the better choice in terms of foreign policy and environmental policy, but wasn’t a dynamic speaker, sometimes coming across as awkward and ill-prepared.
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