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Out standing in my field

ImageUnusual times I find myself in of late.  My view on several issues is well-represented in the opinions expressed in Congress and among the public in general, even if it is not necessarily shared by the majority.  As an example, on the Affordable Care Act, while certain provisions are useful and I’m glad they were included, I am overall opposed to it and believe it should be repealed.  On the legality of President Obama’s actions as Commander-in-Chief, I believe that the President has committed impeachable offenses, and would be in favor of articles to that effect being drawn up and debated in the House of Representatives.  Both of these stances should place me squarely within the ideological grounds of Congressional Republicans, and perhaps within their vocal “Tea Party” minority. Continue reading


Seasons change with the scenery

look-sunsetI was in Glen Burnie yesterday and had lunch at Gino’s. If you are a Baltimore kid like me, you’ll understand the significance of this; this was my first time in a Gino’s in – I’m not kidding – 40 years or so. Growing up in Baltimore, even in the nearby ‘burbs as I was, you were a McDonald’s kid or a Gino’s kid. (Yeah, there was Burger Chef, too, but somehow they were never really part of the debate in the playground.) I was definitely a Gino’s kid. It just felt right to be so, even when I didn’t fully understand that McDonald’s was the interloper in our city, while the other burger joint was the enterprise of Gino Marchetti, who played for the Colts before my time. The new Gino’s is more like Cheeburger Cheeburger than McD’s – the food is to order, they have specialty milkshakes, and they play oldies while you eat – but that was fine by me: it was good food, there was Old Bay and malt vinegar on the table, and I was at Gino’s again and just basking in the nostalgia. Continue reading

The forest for the trees

objectionMost of the time, I don’t say anything – there are a mixture of reasons.  I don’t want to seem like a know-it-all.  I don’t feel like getting into it with a partisan of one side or another (i.e. the majority of people) when all I want to do is have a beer in peace.  Sometimes it’s just too depressing to talk about.  And a good part of the time, I just genuinely forget that not everybody sees what I see.

The verdict in the George Zimmerman murder case was announced a few hours ago to a cascade of disbelief and rage across the Internet and the MSM.  Continue reading

Breaking the news

no bullshitMy daughter, bless her, is an extremely intelligent and talented young lady who will be taking off this fall to the wilds of Ohio to attend a large university there.  I am very, very proud of her.  She will be studying journalism.  From the “adults” she interacts with, who never fail to ask her what she will be studying, this draws some now-predictable utterances of “ohhh…!” and furrowed brows, and the occasional snarky comment about the supposedly dwindling number of jobs in the field.  My daughter, to her great credit, ignores these supposed experts.  Continue reading

A quick hit on the latest scandals

black and whiteRobert Reich, who’s actually a pretty smart guy, correctly pointed out something about the current scandal at the IRS, which was posted to a blog I frequent: “Keep your eye on the big scandal. Although the IRS was wrong to target conservative groups for review based on their names, the bigger wrong was its failure to investigate the major groups — such as Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS and Priorities USA — that falsely claimed to be ‘social welfare organizations’ under 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code in order to hide the names of their donors…”

Again, mostly correct, but incomplete.  Continue reading

Ground suggestions

anywhereThere are some things in the public consciousness and discourse right now (articles, newspapers, random yawps on the social network squawkbox) that I feel compelled to comment on, because there are some ground rules about things, and we apparently need to restate them.  So please take heed:

If something happens right in front of your face and you pay it no particular heed and make no comment…and some time later, an opinion piece proclaims that thing as offensive (or whatever) – and then, and only then, you make some public pronouncement that you are offended…then you are not really offended.  You are, however, guilty of groupthink. Continue reading

Beyond the ledge

ext-objectEvery so often, one catches a glimpse of the distance we’ve fallen…a look up at the cliff edge now far above us which we took for granted that we would never stray over in times past.  Back then, to have done so would have been considered criminal, unconscionable, foolish – and yet here we are, far below, blissfully taking the ride down.  And of course it’s a truism that when one is on a ride, very, very few people actually look backward at where they’ve come from – which is one of the main reasons why the driver for this particular ride sought to take people that way in the first place.  Continue reading