For those outside the U.S.

warning-fascismA quick note to folks outside of the United States: what you are seeing in my country — in this country, I suppose I should say — is in fact the reality of the situation. We do in fact have fascists in power and they are in fact enabled by fascist voters who put them there. This is not meant to be hyperbole; none of this note is.

The reasons why this is happening are the same reasons that caused this to happen in Spain, Italy, Japan, and Germany in the 1930s, Argentina in the 1960s, Uganda in the 1970s…any number of places and times. There are always such people blinded by hate and fueled by violence, and they are everywhere. They take advantage of times when education is low and resentment is high — conditions that are caused by exploitation and inequality. They are strongest in the rural areas of the U.S., which should be considered third-world equivalent.

Donald Trump was not the cause of this; he is the outward symptom. His rise was inevitable given the system that has developed in the United States: falsified democracy, corporate welfare, and oligarchy. It didn’t start with him, but has been accelerated under him — a fact that perversely may be good in the long run, as it strips away the facade of the “kinder, gentler” fascism we have been creeping towards (and often embracing) over the past couple of decades.

I don’t know the ultimate answer to this. There is an impotent “Resistance” offered by the opposing party which reflexively opposes The Leader in the same way that his current followers did to Barack Obama when he was in power — through identity and vitriol and not actual policies or reforms. They seek to take us back to the conditions we had before, unaware that they were the precipitating factor in what we have now. If they succeed, please don’t think that there has been a serious change; the United States will still be dangerous and unstable, though it may have slightly more favor from global capitalists who require stability. (There are also likely to be serious civil conflicts internally, as the principal difference between the “MAGA” and “Resistance” cadres is that the former is more inclined to violence and is heavily armed as a rule.) The system which caused this crisis will still be in place, and can cause it again, or cause something worse to happen.

Please don’t be reluctant to act. Individual Americans might require assistance against the regime — I’m including myself in that category, though there are others who need it more acutely. The subversion required for that assistance will be worth more than any “Resistance” occurring here. Your nation, state, or alliance may need to take steps against the U.S. Do it. Again: what you are seeing is happening, and you should act accordingly.


And now, the case against

Since everyone is (for some reason) holding forth on this today, allow me to say some very unpopular and uncomfortable things. Donald Trump was elected “fair and square” — which is to say he was elected by the same system that elected the rest of the Presidents who’ve led us. The problem is that system, not Donald Trump.

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Putin Watch

Hello, fellow patriots!  It’s time once again to look out for Vladimir Putin!  He’s the sneaky, all-powerful no-goodnick behind all of America’s woes, and the real reason that we have his lackey Donald Trump as our President!  Remember: don’t listen to those people calling for arcane things like “evidence” — they’re all Putin stooges!  Here’s the latest in nefarious Putin news… Continue reading

The mote in our eye

Ladies and gentlemen, my first blog post in almost four years.  Did I miss anything?

Hopefully you all will not be waiting another four years for the next one.  As you might be able to tell from the content, it was not external political matters which kept me away — although I’ll admit that those have had a toll on my spiritual and mental well-being from time to time.  Please feel free to leave comments, as before.

There’s been a bit of pearl-clutching on this side of the pond over an opposition candidate in the upcoming Russian Presidential election, Alexey Navalny. Navalny is a reformer, and has made combatting corruption the centerpiece of his campaign, with strong and reasoned policy points concerning the economy. Of course, one of the weak points of modern Western democracy is that policy is a very distant concern among observers of his campaign, and many aren’t even looking at it at all. That’s human nature, of course, but it is amplified by media reaction. On that side, Russian media is essentially an arm of the Vladimir Putin campaign and ignores Navalny. They will get around to ridiculing him later, if he gains any traction with his campaign. (This is not a behavior that is confined to Russia, as I’ll discuss later in this article.) To Western media, Navalny has become a cause celebre because he seems to be the only reform-minded candidate running against Putin, and Putin has been transformed into something of a Blofeldian caricature in the U.S. Continue reading

The world without them

death and sufferingRecently, the usual crop of nonsensical conservative pundits spoke out in objection to an advertisement by Coca-Cola, featuring “America the Beautiful” sung in a variety of languages, most of which I have heard spoken in this country by fellow Americans, either naturalized or otherwise, during the usual course of my life.  The reactions of these pundits, as well as many random fellow conservative Twitterers and commenters, are stereotypically fearful, and when you are in fear, you don’t necessarily make a lot of sense.  Glenn Beck’s take, as an example, was how “in your face” and “dividing” the commercial was.  A whole bunch of different people getting together and praising the United States and its beauty in song is…”dividing”.  This should tell you all that you need to know about Glenn Beck.  (For more information, consult the book 1984, by George Orwell.) Continue reading

The more effective evil

love-that-demThe gubernatorial race in Virginia drew a great deal of attention from my friends thanks to the proximity.  There was no Green in the race, nor obviously could I vote, but I was still the recipient of a lot of advertisements about it, and a great deal of the usual justifications trotted out by rank-and-file Democrats that make up the majority of my base of friends for their actions.

A local Maryland Democrat and a great friend who is somewhat sympathetic to my political viewpoint, posted a message from Planned Parenthood in Virginia on an online forum we frequent concerning the election.  It was a congratulatory message that they “KEPT KEN OUT!”…which I considered painfully apropos to Democrats in general.  The race was considered to be between a Republican and “someone else” – who suddenly became vital to vote for given no other considerations as a purely defensive measure.  A discussion ensued in which I was led to discuss my own view on the matter – and while I don’t generally do this, I thought it might be illustrative to reproduce it here, with a minimal amount of editing to take out some references to other friends and family members.  I began: Continue reading

Shutting it down and walking out

evil fanboys on looseSharp readers of my usual blather know that I do not pull punches when it comes to the Democratic Party.  Whatever problems our country has, it is abundantly clear, time and time again, that voting Democrat will not solve them.  Most of my readers are Democrats, and this upsets them, but I’d rather be right than conform to other people’s ideologies and accept their obvious flaws.  Their cognitive dissonance isn’t something I ever wish to explore.

Having said that, there are a number of narratives going around about the government shutdown and impending debt ceiling decision which hold the Democrats in contempt, or responsible, for both of these manufactured crises.  The Republicans, of course, blame the Democrats completely.  Some media outlets and other political actors take the tack of “a plague ‘a both their houses”; even my own party has recently made statements to this effect.  Placing the blame in this way is pretty easy, and it isn’t usually wrong…but again, if I’m standing on conscience, then it needs to be said: the former is absolutely ludicrous; the latter is just misguided. Continue reading