I first listed my interests on LiveJournal, in the little space they have for them on your profile. The idea is to list words or phrases which would truthfully complete the sentence, “I have an interest in…”  I keep them here now  and have added to them quite a bit in the last four years or so – 151 of them, in fact.  It’s a nice idea, but I prefer not being judged on them, the way that LJ was known to do. Anyway, here they are:

acting, activism, al stewart, ale, alternative sexuality, anime, b-movies, baltimore, baltimore orioles, barenaked ladies, baseball, baseball mogul, bdsm, beer, board games, boards of canada, bowling, buckaroo banzai, business ownership, canada, caramel, card games, cats, cfl, cheese, christianity, coffee, columbia maryland, computer networking, concultures, conlangs, conspiracy theories, conventions, cryptography, darts, david cobb, dc united, delaware, democracy, dick dale, diplomacy, documentaries, dominance, eclectic music, elections, electoral reform, electronic music, ellicott city, engineering, erotica, espionage, fantasy sports, fatherhood, flirting, forteana, free speech, french language, game design, gnosticism, golden dollars, green party, green politics, hats, hero system, high weirdness, hockey, impeachment of the president, inventing sports, islands, james bond, jesus christ, jill stein, karaoke, kink, kraftwerk, love, maryland, microbrews, micronations, mixology, mls, montreal, monty python, mst3k, music, my family, nonviolence, ocean city, old movies, parenting, peace, penguins, pink floyd, podcasting, polyamory, port colice, privacy, progressive politics, reading nonfiction, rock and roll, role-playing games, rum, sake, san francisco, saranac beer, science fiction, sea shanties, sex, sexuality, shakespeare, singing, single gun theory, sleeping in, soccer, solving the world’s problems, spirituality, staying up late, steely dan, superheroes, surf music, tangerine dream, tea, the beach, the beach boys, the beatles, the bible, the blues, the internet, the metric system, the nag hammadi library, the ocean, the reality-based community, the smithereens, the ventures, theatre, they might be giants, touching, triskelion, trivia, trivia games, university of delaware, university of maryland, vexillology, voting systems, weasel patrol, women, world building, world cup, writing, wusa, yuri.

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