And now, the case against

Since everyone is (for some reason) holding forth on this today, allow me to say some very unpopular and uncomfortable things. Donald Trump was elected “fair and square” — which is to say he was elected by the same system that elected the rest of the Presidents who’ve led us. The problem is that system, not Donald Trump.

We, the voters, have allowed that system to become what it is, by rooting for one of our two prescribed parties as if they’re football teams and not what they are supposed to be, which is collections of like-minded policy makers.  No one pays attention to the “policy” part.  They’re not held accountable for what they actually do – only rewarded for the hurt they bring to the segments of the population you don’t like…the ones you have been taught to hate by the media. If the pre-selected, gerrymandered criminal who “represents” you doesn’t actually believe in what you care about, and only represents greedy bastards like him, you really don’t give a damn — which is why we got down to a pair of elitist criminals like Trump and Clinton in the first place. It’s why Congress has a 17% approval rating and a 97% re-election rate.
Donald Trump is like the rest of them in that he is a rich, self-serving, entitled asshat and listens only to an extremely small, select, and rich group of elites (who are also, like him, beyond the rule of law and lacking any conception of the real lives of 99.99% of the population). The reason why you — and for that matter, many of those elites — don’t like him is that he’s not smart or cultured enough to disguise it as well as they do, in all of the culturally appropriate signalling that plays well on TV.
He is just a symptom of the fact that the American system is hideously broken and stopped being anything resembling “democratic” long ago. It has become the oligarchy we have been angling at for decades. Removing Donald Trump will not fix the system, and if Hillary Clinton was the President, you just wouldn’t notice it as much because she can at least act somewhat presentable and she wouldn’t dare to do some of the meaner and more blatant idiocy Trump and his cronies are doing.
Oh, and by the way, this isn’t changing. You’re all quite content with absurd media-manufactured propaganda fantasies about “lib’ruls” taking your guns or Russians hiding under your beds. You’ll fall for the “look over there” every single time and you’ll proudly shout your ignorance from the rooftops. The capitalists in the boardrooms are just shaking their heads with a shrug and a grin and going back to work. The rest of the world is staring at us in bewildered pity.
So remember, it’s important to vote. Which method do you want: cyanide or gunshot? C’mon, c’mon, it’s one or the other. Don’t let those other guys win.

2 Responses

  1. That election was two years ago..
    And you do realize that if Hillary Clinton were elected, Bill Clinton would be first man and back in the White House, right?
    I mean how is the Clinton family itself not the embodiment of everything you’re against here ?

    It’s not necessarily one opponent or the other, they both suck in many ways. How could you justify voting for one over the other?

    • There isn’t – which was the point of the whole article. The election was two years ago, but the parties, such as they are, have made no effort to change. The Republicans may give lip service to Trump’s behavior, but they need the protofascist rurals to continue to support them. The Democrats will continue to play identity over policy and point fingers at Russia. Neither is what they really are: slightly differing shades of corporate friendliness, and proud members of the oligarchy which is vigorously screwing both urban and rural Americans.

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