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Coming out in the wrong direction

So, President Obama stood up for gay marriage.  Except, of course, he didn’t, and it really didn’t mean that much.

And, of course, to hammer the point in, WaPo breaks a story the next day revealing that Mitt Romney, the Not-Obama designate, harrassed a gay kid while in high schoolGosh, that’s convenient.   Particularly when all this happens after Biden’s trial balloon.

None of this is particularly surprising.  He’s likely always been in favor, until he wasn’t because of what he was running for, and now that he’s seen a seam in the defense’s coverage, so to speak, he’s “evolved” back to it again.  The Right has responded as hoped, and Romney is caught in the middle as planned*.

The problem, as always, isn’t Obama, who is, if you pay attention, a known quantity.  He’s a standard Democratic pol, in that principles aren’t really a concern and as long as he’s enough left of “the other guy” to gain votes, he’ll take that stance – provided it doesn’t bother the money masters (and no social issue really does).  Other standard Democrats are following the script and falling in line; the reality of the what’s going on need not be addressed.  We have always been at war with Eastasia.

What bothers me most is the Democratic faithful who have rallied around this as a sign from heaven.  Just view the comments to either the Gawker or Feministing articles linked in the lede above.  It’s roughly the same reaction you’d get if you went on a Justin Bieber website and pointed out that the kid really can’t sing, with otherwise somewhat educated Democrats taking the place of teenaged girls.

The capacity for self-delusion and hero worship is extreme.  He stood up for us!  Except that he believes rights should be granted state by state, and he’s to the right of David Boies and Ted Olson, two extreme conservatives who, nonetheless, saw that government non-interference in private lives was undoubtedly in line with their ideology and defended it in court on those grounds.  No, this is a tremendous step forward!  One that comes too late for North Carolina – and many other states?  You can’t get perfection!  We must take these things a step at a time!  A step in the other direction, you mean – just as a step toward entrenching the grip of health insurance companies over our health with a Republican-designed plan is – somehow – a step towards single-payer?  But we need to support President Obama!  Look how bad the other guy is!

Inevitably, this merry-go-round of inside-out-logic ends with But this is the best we can get!  I can rest at that point, because the implication of that statement proves their mindset beyond the shadow of a doubt: We deserve no better.

I can’t argue past that point.


* This is a link to a Murdoch-owned Website.  Murdoch and his holdings have been known to act illegally with information gained from the Internet.  Do not click on the link if you do not trust the Murdoch family.


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  1. I should point out that I have recently learned – and I’m sorry that I don’t have a source to cite for this, but I believe it to be true – the kid that Mitt Romney harrassed in school only came out as gay well after the incident. It doesn’t change anything in this post, as I was speaking of the convenient timing of the release by the Post, not anything about the incident itself.

    The incident is pretty heinous no matter who or what the kid was, and it’s safe to say that Mitt Romney was one of those first-class jerks in high school whom you desperately wanted to see get the hell beaten out of him but you know never would. Sometimes kids like that learn and mature when they become adults; some never do. It’s unclear which of those categories Mitt Romney falls into.

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