Falling down and staying down

So I took the field for a bit of pick-up football (the real kind, natch) on a fine Monday afternoon in a t-shirt reading “HUP!”, ready to do battle for the glory of den Oranje*…after thirty minutes running around in the heat, I stopped to get some water, was back for a few minutes, hustled back for a play on defense, and ow ow ow cramp cramp ow dammit ow.  In one split-second, I’m transformed from Marco van Basten** to an old man in an orange shirt, down on the field, whining and grabbing my right hammy.  Back in the golden days, I’d stretch it out and head back in – now, not so much.  Though it’s much better, it’s still twinging two days later.  Lord, but getting old sucks mightily.
Right now, the streets of London and Manchester in the U.K. are erupting in the chaos that is an urban riot, or perhaps more optimistically an “insurrection of the masses”…it’s certainly both of these things and it’s nothing new.  I’m not sure what more there is to say about it…certainly people are feeling disenfranchised – because they are, by any objective measure.  I keep expecting it to happen here for the same reasons, but it doesn’t, for a different set of reasons.

Lost in all of this, or perhaps not explicitly spoken about, is the role of the two-party system in crushing the spirit of dissent.  In a way that is evident to most (including Standard & Poor’s, apparently), both parties are compromised by their obedience to corporate rule.  It’s clear that neither is standing for any meaningful change for, nor any real representation of about 99% of Americans; the argument between the two has little to do with that vast majority of the people of the country.  However, they have conspired to deny any real alternatives…thus, like a car stuck sideways in an alley, the American people go out at election time and throw the car into “R” or “D”, and hit a wall every time.  It’s only when this cycle is broken that any real change will happen.

Anyway, as I wax political here on the blog…how would everyone feel if I were to do my podcast again?  Were there things that you liked about it, things that you disliked?  Anyone?  Bueller…?

* I hope I got the article right on that one.  No speak-a the Dutch.

** coughcoughyeahright.  Perhaps the idea that I wasn’t being passed to after giving away the ball so much should give me a more realistic assessment of my ability.


One Response

  1. Drop the ‘den’ and you’re fine.

    Hey, for Marco it was his ankle. Every man has his breaking point. 😉


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