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You gotta keep changing

There’ve been some more changes in my life, both off- and on-line, so I feel obliged to begin by giving everyone on the Series of Tubes an update as to my online activities.

I’m no longer on the social network/goal-tracking site 43 Things, thanks to dissatisfaction with their version of customer support.  This was a difficult choice, because against my expectations, and seemingly against the wishes of the Robot Co-op – the amusingly named techno-hipster tank which runs the site, based in (where else?) Seattle – 43 Things became a truly social place, where interacting with my long-distance friends became more important than actually tracking what I was doing with my life’s goals.  I suppose in looking back at it, it’s inevitable that sharing one’s life ambitions in black and white every day with folks who were baring their souls in a similar fashion would create some intimate relationships, even over the ‘Net.  It was really surprising, though; I found lasting friendships and even love on that site, so it wasn’t something that I took lightly in leaving.  I’ll discuss details of why I did so later in subsequent posts, but for now, if you are joining this blog from 43 Things, welcome.

I’ve also ceased doing my podcast for the time being.  The Secret Frequency’s Web site is no more, and my past episodes are down.  (I suppose someone should update my Wikipedia page.)  I began the podcast as a way to influence things politically after my term as a co-Chair of the Green Party came to an end, and for a while it looked like it might do exactly that…however, I ran into some difficulties with the hosting service, Liberated Syndication.  Libsyn produced a new interface in 2010 which a) was harder to navigate, b) was less reliable, resulting in more upload attempts, incomplete and incorrect episodes, and the like, and c) came with a new (yet undocumented) way of figuring stats, such that my previous audience of what I thought was 50 or 60 separate listeners was down to single digits without an explanation.  Since I had no way of determining who was listening to the damn thing, I did a quick survey of my friends and found that the newer stat was probably closer to the truth.  That meant that rather than maintaining some political service to the public, my podcast was basically a very personal hobby which I was doing for my own edification.  Thus, when things got tricky in my life – which was and is inevitable – the podcast was the first thing to be abandoned.  I still haven’t entirely ruled out doing it again, and I hope to talk to someone about it soon, but I will certainly do it differently if I do.

Now to get back into the swing of semi-regular updates…of the sort that I used to provide to LiveJournal and 43 Things.  (And even here, once upon a time…)


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