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Keeping things under wraps

It’s not the case that I haven’t posted here in some ungodly amount of time because I haven’t had anything to say.  I reached of late a sort of odd paralysis of opinion: I have too much to say.  I could at this point broadcast like CNN, 24 hours a day, and probably not quite scratch the surface of what I wish to get out there.  The same affliction is also happening with my podcast.  And in spite of all that, there’s this paycheck I have to earn, kids I have to raise, and so on.

Part of the problem is that what I have to report on is fairly well-known stuff, but the way I’m looking at it doesn’t necessarily conform with the received wisdom on each topic.  There’s a great deal of extra information and consideration that I feel I must bring to the table in order to be understood in my opinions.  People who feel the need to do so are usually visionary or mad.  I’m well aware that no one thinks that they themselves are mad, at least not initially, and I’m not conceited enough to believe that I’m a visionary…so I’ll just say that you have been warned.  At the same time, though, I’m thinking that perhaps if I just write something, get it out there, then maybe some of that pressure might be relieved.

As an example, right now, there is a…conflagration of some kind – it’s difficult to describe it – going on between Wikileaks, Wired, the U.S. Army, the State Department, a schlub named Adrian Lamo, and a previously unknown private by the name of Bradley Manning.  It has the potential, I believe, to drastically change the way that the U.S. government prosecutes wars and retains “state secrets” – which of course would explain why it is so vastly underreported.  I reported on it in my last podcast, and I would encourange everyone to sit down and read several articles about the story; the upshot, if I can condense something this bulky, is that Manning, while working for Army intelligence in some capacity in the Middle East, blew the whistle on what he felt to be unethical actions by his government, including the attack by an Army helicopter on obvious civilian targets in Iraq.  Manning leaked a video taken by the pilots of that helicopter to Wikileaks, who released them.  Later, he spoke about this – it’s still unclear how or for what reason – to a “reformed” felon cracker, Adrian Lamo, who not only spilled the beans to his friend, fellow ex-cracker-turned-journalist and something of a personal chronicler of Lamo’s adventures, Kevin Poulsen, but also to the Feds.

It’s clear that Lamo, from his actions and his flimsy and hollow-sounding “patriotic” excuses for his actions, is a douche, but there’s also the intriguing possibility that he’s a Federal agent, perhaps after an earlier deal cut with the Feds during his time in custody.  (He had a somewhat unusual and brief “bout” with mental illness during that period, during which he was treated in an equally unusual fashion by law enforcement, i.e., one is not usually institutionalized for ADD.)

The government responded not only by arresting Lamo, but also “declaring war”, in a sense, on Wikileaks.  Granted, a more ethical organization than the U.S. Government might be more concerned that we were treating the “lighting up” of civilians from attack helicopters like it was World of Warcraft, but apparently, this isn’t the case, which goes a long way toward justifying and legitimizing Wikileaks’ admittedly somewhat controversial stance.  Wired, through their “Threat Level” column, has meanwhile undertaken a Fox News-esque campaign to screw Wikileaks, the ferocity and nonsensicality of which leads me to believe that Poulsen and Lamo may still be doing some work for some undisclosed benefactors (particularly given that “Threat Level” is usually not that kind to the Government or any large and controlling system).  It’s difficult to tell precisely what’s going on, which should concern everyone – as the government which we elected, ostensibly to rid ourselves of war and creeping unwarranted secrecy, is prosecuting this and deliberately confusing the details to avoid accountability.

Annnnnnd just received a phone call and must go out to pick up meds for a family member.  Yep, getting a full post out just doesn’t look like it’s going to be possible for a while.

More later, I do hope.


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