Waking up

I started this morning deep in dream-shadow.  I woke up trying to detangle the last shreds of REM-sleep from reality.  In the dream I was describing my family to someone.  I had gotten to my uncle, and described him as having four sons.  I named his second oldest grandchild as his oldest, and put her age as significantly lower than it is, and woke up with a strong sense of wrongness.

My first thought was “That’s not right!  George doesn’t have four sons, he has two!”

In reality, George has three.

Dreams do that to me sometimes.

Trying to regain my online presence (obviously I’ve fallen off the net somewhat).  I’m going to make more of an effort to at least occasionally read LJ, and am considering starting a Facebook account, because I’ve been getting lots of invites recently from people I haven’t seen in ages.  I’m weeks behind in e-mail.  If you REALLY need to get hold of me, phone.   If you really need to get hold of me and don’t have my number, either of the other authors on this blog can ‘ping’ me for you.

Will try to do better at being in touch.


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