Sacred works

who died and madeI don’t go to bat for people too much, especially on the Intarwebs.  One could spend one’s entire life doing so, unfortunately, and there are things around the house that need doing, and the cats need to be fed, and such like that.  But every so often I pipe up on something which I feel needs a bit of attention, and so it is with the Internet Sacred Texts Archive.

I don’t know the fellow that does this at all, or what his particular reasons are for doing it beyond those stated on the site, but the Archive is exactly what it says on the tin: a voluminous collection of texts which are sacred to someone, somewhere on the globe.  Note that this isn’t confined to the usual Most Popular Religions, Inc., but there’s also plenty of weird cultic stuff, long discredited nonsense, and even stuff that the seculars and atheists dredge up just to get into the act.  (They get jealous.  It’s almost cute.)

The guy running the site sells copies of it on DVD-ROM, and you should buy one, because I can’t, because I’m broke.  Obviously he has been – all together now! – hit by the economic downturn, so he could use the cash money to keep things going.


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