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Humor in a political vein

head bang-OR-

Election Results with Mr. Peabody…

Again I laugh [1]…  followed a link from an article on the current google news page and found this:

The Myth of Stagnant Wages

Got down to the third paragraph, to wit:

consider this: If the standard of living of the average American really had not improved for more than three decades, wouldn’t there have been a tremendous political backlash by now? Wouldn’t the Democratic Party have fully mutated into a full-scale social democratic party—nationalized healthcare, a return to superhigh tax rates—rather than moving right over the past three decades?

At which point I looked and saw the dateline on the article is  September 20, 2007

[1] Like the Comedian (Ob Watchman reference)


One Response

  1. The truly hilarious matter is that we’re still hearing about it now; the Republicans and finance-laden scum that floated to the top of the food chain since the Reagan years (by design, may I add) are still talking as if that world exists, and this is just a mere momentary glitch in their plans. It’s as if they’re all blogging wistfully about the return of the Redcoats and the end of this whole “post-Colonial” period.

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