The most recent ray of sunshine

death and sufferingThe news is in from Louisiana, and it isn’t good.  The perfect capper on this House-of-Horrors election cycle for the Green Party.

Rahim did everything with a candidacy that one could: he was a well-known, locally and nationally recognized community organizer under the most difficult circumstances one could imagine – Hurricane Katrina.  He was running against a Republican unknown, a Libertarian perennial, and a multiply-indicted Democratic incumbent in a postponed, light turnout election.  He was well-financed (over $20,000, all of it from clean non-corp sources), well-backed by volunteers, and kept to a message that was sane, salable, and principled, with a lot of local resonance.  And in the end…

In the end, it wasn’t even close.  There wasn’t a single bit of momentum the party or the campaign could point to.  There wasn’t even an incremental gain that would show we were on the right track.  It was literally all for naught.  Rahim joins Gordon Clark (MD-8th) as unfortunate proof that the voters and the media lie: Greens who are well-financed, smart with their message, and run coherent, winnable campaigns will get trumped every time by trained monkeys who pull voter levers because there’s an “R” or  “D” next to it.

Granted I began writing this before the coming of Rod Blagojevich and his recent enjoyable phone conversations, but beyond that, one does have to wonder about the long-term survivability of not only the Green Party, but any idea which isn’t pre-approved by the powers that be (hell, Blagojevich was re-elected in 2006, and little of his behavior was a surprise to anyone).

So, in other words, welcome to America, c. 2008.  The banks will get the big bailout, the Yankees will get the big-name free agent, Microsoft or Coke will get the market share, and the corrupt Democrat (or Republican) will get elected or swapped out.  And no one really gives a damn because they’ve got their HDTV and American Idol.  Merry Christmas.

EDIT, 12 hours later: And the first comment I receive is a spam which keyed on the word “HDTV”.  At times like these, I hate being right.

EDIT, 24 hours later: Rich Whitney has the perfect commentary on Blagojevich, courtesy of On the Wilder Side.


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  1. You deleted it?

    But, but, the irony… I was laughing my ass off.

  2. @starfyr: I can’t recall the last time I beat your ass…which is almost certainly the problem. 😛

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