Good housekeeping

teh worldIncidentally, I thought I would bring to note a couple of changes here at the Hidden Message…stuff we’ve been thinking of doing in order to make this seem a bit more like home, and hopefully draw some more eyes to it.

First, dig our fantastic icons!  That was one of the things I actually liked about LiveJournal, and I had a great deal lying around from my time there – moreso really than I could even store there, in number, size, or format.  Here, it’s a bit different, and once I learned how to put them in place, albeit by fudging things a little, I don’t even have to worry about such things.  And, as an added bonus, I can even put breasts on the icons or whatever I wish without worrying about the LJ/6A/SUP/Whomever Police jumping in and censoring my journal on the complaints of ridiculously sensitive fundamentalist hyperactivist groups!  How nice!  Anyway, much of the “Scooterbird Collection” has yet to be put in place, so watch this space for further details.

Also, you may have noticed that we have another “correspondant” here, Deadbytes.  He hasn’t yet produced anything for us, but that’s okay, as he receives exactly the same from us as he would if he was writing, which is the big squadoosh, so, no harm, no foul.

There’ll be a few more changes in the future as we go forward; nothing that would cause us to go sour or anything (coughBoingBoingcoughcough).  Watch this space for further details.


3 Responses

  1. And who is Deadbytes? I have to know about my journalists before I trust my time to them …

  2. I am continually amazed at how someone hip deep in the political mire can continue to be so naive.

    “worrying about the LJ/6A/SUP/Whomever Police jumping in and censoring my journal ”

    Freedom of the press belongs only to those who own a press. If you don’t “own” the server, then sooner or later the people that do are going to want something for the priviledge of using it, in most cases revenue to provide ROI, and that means they need eyeballs on the pages, and gathering eyeballs/page impressions means sanitizing the content to satisfy advertisers that no one will ever be offended.

    Of course if your traffic is small enough no one cares about the marginal cost of hosting you, then it won’t happen unless you manage to make “the wrong person” angry (cf. your BoingBoing reference above).

    On the gripping hand, if your traffic is that small, you’re back into “smartest guy on this barstool” territory, which is where you explicitly don’t want to be.

    So the question you have to be asking yourself is, do I have five blogs, or do I have six … no wait wrong question … Are you trying to become Wonkette, BoingBoing, Huffington, Kos? Really? Seriously? Then you need a business plan, because bandwidth isn’t free, and to do that sort of work uncensored[1], you’re going to have to be running the show, owning the servers and pulling in at least some revenue.

    [1] Uncensored is a joke. Even assuming you become a reputable newsource with a staff lawyer & fact checker to avoid knowingly committing libel, the malicious nuisence suits need to be paid for, because even the truth offends most people.

  3. Hey, ‘sokay…I’m continually amazed at the amount of non-proven patent libertarian nonsense you continue to believe…

    For a worldwide audience, with a single blog, it makes no sense to censor; that’s much, much more realistic than the claptrap about printing presses. Information wants to be free; anything else is artificial and can’t really stand for long. WP understands this; LJ et. al. did not, so They Deserve to Lose. If it should ever be otherwise, the code here is portable and we can make it tougher for them again.

    Do I want it to be small? No, not particularly, but I also don’t want to sell it. The Secret Frequency is another matter and I do advertise that…but this is meant to be just some rantings. The “smartest guy” dictum applies to policy, which this never will be. Far too many out there now have confused clicks on the Intarwebs with real political action, and they are definitely not. As the CEO of Meetup says, “Loosey-goosey networks don’t get shit done.”

    Now, there is a line where personal blogs end and journalism begins, but it isn’t a bright, shiny one…you’ve probably got a point in that I need to once again define that, as I did on my LJ. This is where bOINGbOING ran off the tracks: sure, it’s my content and I can do what I want, but if you make yourself into a hypocritical, petulant, 13-year-old in the process, the eyeballs watching your page have every right to tell you where and how far to get off.

    Oh, and btw, you might wish to make with the introductions… 🙂

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