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It looks as though something has happened…

no bullshitReposting here from my entry on 43Things.

I did my usual and rather morbid yearly ponderance on the assassination of John Kennedy yesterday, and I believe today that my sister will be screening the movie JFK. It’s still interesting, and in some ways, still relevant.

There’s a logical construct called Occam’s Razor, which, generally speaking, posits that if you are given a set of possible causes for something, the simplest one is the most likely correct. This is often brought up with respect to “conspiracy theories”, and it’s helpful. For example, the whole 9/11 conspiracy thing tends to fall apart when you examine it under those conditions. Was it a controlled demolition? Okay, who did the demolishing? And what did they do it with? Did someone literally sneak in hundreds of thousands of pounds of explosives without anybody noticing, or was the building collapsed by (much more simply) having a plane fly into it?

The thing is, I’ve read the stories of many of the “lone gunmen theorists” with respect to JFK, and under the same conditions, it’s their theories which start to come apart. Oswald just happens to have been a communist defector and re-defector to the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War. Ruby just happens to have been a mobster originally from Chicago. People with foreknowledge or who witnessed something different were guessing, they were crazy, they were mistaken, they were greedy or self-aggrandizing…after all of that, it’s pretty clear you’re dealing with a “coincidence theory” – one that’s harder to justify that just simply saying more than one person, in some sense, was involved.


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