Political analysis with a side of salsa

heisenbergSome of you folks may have been waiting for my comments on the recently concluded election.  (Well, let’s be fair – no, you weren’t.  But that’s not going to stop me from saying something.)  Anyway, I’ve given it a great deal of thought, and here’s what I came up with:

Go to 19th and Q, NW, in the District – that’s in the Dupont Circle area – and head into the café in back of Kramerbooks.  Once seated, order one of their better bheers and get the “nachitos”.  Don’t ask me why they call them that – they’re nachos…but boy howdy, those are the best nachos you will have anywhere.  They are insanely good.

Now that’s not the only thing I had to say about the election, but it is a change from what’s been said by everyone else, you’ll have to admit.

I mentioned the nachos because they were the eventual culmination of the reason why I was in D.C. at the time.  I’d just lost my job.  Oh, it was a contract, and I knew it was ending, so there was no particular problem with it – in fact, I arrived over on Capitol Hill in my suit, having just concluded an interview elsewhere, when I got the call to come clean out my desk.  Still, it’s a bit of a downer, and I’d taken the Metro across town to look for a bheer and maybe a bite to eat, and eventually some friends of mine.

So this found me walking down 20th Street in D.C. in a suit with a largish box containing my cleaned-out desk two days after the election…which of course prompted one guy passing by to ask me, “Lose the election?”

That wasn’t easy to answer.  Well, yes, we had, in a way…but no, not in that way.  Politics wasn’t the real reason why I was carrying the contents of my desk around in a box…and then again, it was.

Had we won?  The people dancing in the streets certainly seemed to think so.  And there were a number of reasons to celebrate: the obviously historic nature of the nation rising above racism, the return of someone intelligent to the White House, the end and repudiation of the Bushist Republican doctrine, with its lying, torturing, spying, civil-liberty-burning, first-striking, Constitution-trashing, environment-spoiling, elite-elevating-and-pardoning ways.  For eight years and even before, the Democrats and independents, and the regular, befuddled joes in the middle of the spectrum had defined political success as the day when they finally stopped getting clubbed over the head…abused and taken for a ride by the proto-fascist elite, and now that day had obviously, beyond the shadow of a chad, arrived.

Of course, that doesn’t address the obvious (to me, anyway) problem in that statement, which was that success was being defined as the absence of evil.  Nothing good was or is being necessarily proposed.

Now before everyone jumps down my throat, I’m not dissing the guy before he even takes office.  I am saying, however, that we don’t really know what’s coming next.  We finally rejected the now-well-known Republican “deal”, and now we have to see what’s behind door number two.

We do know some of what’s going to happen, and we do know it will result in some disappointment.  He got the peace vote by saying he would attack Pakistan.  He pushed “universal health care” without really addressing the role of insurance companies, nor really proposing it as a human right.  And we’ve all been to “A Place Called Hope” before with the Democratic Party, which explains in part why I’m a Green.

Anyway, I’ll have more to say on it later, possibly much later.  Not only are the kids hopping around the house demanding attention right now, but there’s just too little to go on as far as the new Obama administration is concerned.  I’ve heard some things which are quite good (Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., as head of the EPA), and some things that were not so good (the execrable Rahm Emmanuel as Chief of Staff, where at least his policy decisions shouldn’t be front and center).

Anyway, trust me on those nachos.


2 Responses

  1. somehow I hadn’t had any idea you were working in DC!
    :hugs: and thanks for writing this.

  2. […] a similar set-up, I found myself in D.C. two days after the election of Barack Obama in 2008, walking down the street with a big box containing the contents of my desk at work.  A […]

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