Where the days are short and the nights are long

look-sunsetI’m going to shut up about politics for a bit and allow myself a bit of introspection.  Here’s a note to self: Self, when you get your act more together than it already is, you want to head out to the Left Coast.  I am thinking the Coast Starlight would make for a wonderful trip, possibly even starting in San Diego instead of Los Angeles and just heading all the way up to Seattle, and then through VIA Rail to Vancouver.  (Heck, I could visit after a preliminary trip to Ocean City, and complete an unusual goal, should I choose to.)  Every time I get on the Series of Tubes, I find more amazing people all living on the other side of the continent, right next to that other beautiful ocean.

Vg vf, bs pbhefr, nyfb jbegu vg gb zragvba gung znal bs gubfr nznmvat crbcyr bhg gurer ner irel ornhgvshy, va obgu zvaq naq obql, naq juvyr V jbhyq qrfpevor gurz nf zbeny crbcyr, gung zbenyvgl qbrfa’g arprffnevyl vzcyl n terng qrny bs unathcf ertneqvat frk.  Ol gung V zrna nf n pbaprcg; V’z abg fnlvat guvf jbhyq or n gjragl-guerr uhaqerq zvyr abbxvr eha…V’z nyfb abg fnlvat, ubjrire, gung gurfr ybiryl crbcyr jbhyq or bccbfrq gb qbvat fbzrguvat jvgu zr be zl ybiryl cnegare ba guvf oybt.  Naq V jvyy fnl bhgevtug gung gurer fher nf uryy frrz gb or n ybg zber sbyxf yvxr gung bhg gurer guna gurer ner urer.  Qnzzvg.


3 Responses

  1. We took a trip to the left coast last year and really enjoyed it. I actually took a bottle to get some Pacific Ocean water (we took a trip to the source of the Mississippi the year before and I have a bottle from there, which is still in the fridge). Interestingly, I never got to get the Pacific Ocean water, as the day we planned to go to Stanley Park was cancelled due to a kid’s illness, and there were times that I could *see* the ocean (notably while waiting for the ferry and, of course, on the ferry) but I never could get close enough to the shore to get the elusive water.

    I will suggest that VIA is quite expensive, I remember in 1997 where a bunch of friends from a Usenet group and I were meeting, we decided in Vancouver, and some of the group from Minnesota were thinking of going with me, we figured that driving from Winnipeg to Grand Forks, taking Amtrak from Grand Forks to Seattle, and taking the bus from Seattle to Vancouver was infinitely cheaper than taking VIA straight from Winnipeg to Vancouver. But since Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May toured the country on a VIA Rail train during the election I shouldn’t be surprised you want to use VIA as well, I suppose.

    Naq V qb ubcr gung V’z vapyhqrq va gung fhzzngvba bs gur glcrf bs crbcyr gung yvir ba gur Yrsg Pbnfg (gurl qba’g pnyy vg gung sbe abguvat!), rira gubhtu V yvir abjurer arne fnyg jngre. Nf gb vg abg orvat “n gjragl-guerr uhaqerq zvyr abbxvr eha”, nyy V tbg gb fnl vf “lrnu evtug.” 🙂

    We are planning a similar trip to the east coast for the future, originally the idea was for our 10th anniversary (July, 2010) but that’s too soon and I don’t think our finances will be in good enough shape by then though 😦 And it won’t be near you either, unfortunately, the closest we’ll get is passing through Montreal and northern Vermont and New Hampshire.

  2. I like trains. What can I say?

    And you are not, by any stretch of the imagination, on a coast. Yes, you’re a good person, but the nearest bodies of water to you are the size of a parking lot, and you walk out on them with knives on your feet when it’s May.

    Naq lbh ner pbeqvnyyl vaivgrq gb ovgr zr pbapreavat gur yratgu bs zl abbxvr ehaf. V qba’g tb gb Ybf Natryrf sbe frk, va fcvgr bs gur snpg gung V, yvxr lbh, nz zneevrq. V’z whfg fnlvat gung jrer V gb tb gurer, V jbhyqa’g arprffnevyl ghea vg qbja, vf nyy.

  3. Don’t remind me about not being near a coast (yet I am an hour’s drive from one of the world’s ten best beaches as determined by Playboy magazine, at Grand Beach on Lake Winnipeg – it is a fabulous beach with the finest white sand I’ve ever seen.

    Naq V’z whfg wrnybhf vf nyy 😉 V zrna, gur snpg gung lbh rira unir n cbffvovyvgl bs crbcyr guebjvat gurzfryirf ng lbh vf wrnybhf-jbegul vaqrrq, bu lrf.

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