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The pepperoni poll

ballotboxAnyone else seen this? If you order a pizza through Domino’s Web site, while you are waiting for delivery, you can take a poll. Yes, America’s pizza voters now have a voice!

It’s a cute three-question thing, and it provides the results (I would assume of all voters nationwide who purchase pizzas through the Web site) after your vote. So without further ado, and with the recognition that this is already a week or two old…

With which party do you identify?

Democrat           44%
Republican         32%
Other              24%

Whom are you planning to vote for?

Obama              51%
McCain             34%
Other/Undecided    15%

Do you plan to vote?

Yes                85%
No                 15%

Now the poll means entirely squadoosh, but there were a few numbers that I found somewhat encouraging, such as the 24% “other” portion, not identifying with a party. This being the Series of Tubes, you’d expect a lot of Ron Paulies, but face it, he’s a Texas Congressman, and Texas is well known as having the worst pizza anywhere, so I’m still quite encouraged.

There’s also the 15% who are both “undecided” and not voting. Same guys? I rather doubt it…although if, say, 3% actually are committed to third-party candidates, Obama then wins the popular vote in the election 58%-39%. Gotta love that from a pizza shop formerly (and rightly) accused of funding social conservative causes! (Incidentally, Nate Silver recently had a cute observation about the shocking Investors’ Business Daily poll of Thursday which was trumpted above the fold in many major papers, showing Obama with only a 1.1% lead…the breakdown of this included the age 18-24 demographic, where McCain was ahead, according to IBD…74%-22%.)*

Finally, there’s the 85% planning to vote, which does kinda warm my heart. I’m still enough of a softie about ‘Murrican democracy that I occasionally believe it actually exists think that everyone should get out and vote. My precinct and other local ones turn out about 70%, so I’m hopeful it’s that way everywhere…and I’m equally hopeful that the plans to purge voter rolls in many states fail or backfire miserably. (We very, very much need to have Federal voting standards in place – and I don’t mean the hilariously misnamed HAVA.)

* zOMG J-Mac r00lz j00, d@wg!!1!1!one!

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  1. As you probably know, turnout in the recent Canadian election was the lowest it ever was, I think it was in the mid to high 50s, maybe has high as 61%, but I don’t think it was that high.

    This might have to do with the fact that the incumbent (Steven Harper) was running, incument elections at any level seem to be low.

    However, yours is the first election since, what, 1928? to not have the sitting President or Vice President in the race. I think that will bode really well for voter turnout.

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