Reasons why this election sucks, Part LXXXVII

whatEarlier I had posted that due to the second Presidential debate between Obama and McCain, I was more likely to vote for Cynthia McKinney.

I am now considerably less likely to vote for Cynthia McKinney.

A few parting comments:

  • This does not mean that I think any greater of Barack Obama. I can still thank my lucky stars that that particular flavor of Kool-Aid has yet to pass my lips, and I don’t have to fall back on the usual two-party nonsense.
  • I don’t, however, know who I’m going to vote for. And yes, I’ll vote for someone, or do something to deliberately register my distaste with all the nominees available. (Edit: McKinney is still a possibility; Obama is still a possibility. Hell, Nader or McCain or Barr or Chuck – Bah Gahd – Baldwin might be as well. Lord, give me strength.)
  • In the meantime…does anyone have any helpful tips on removing the imprint of a forehead from my desk?
  • *sigh* Least I know how the Republicans feel now. The ones with a high school education, anyway.

7 Responses

  1. I really don’t think she used to be THIS crazy. My guess is she’s just doing anything she can to break through and come as close to that 5% goal as possible and she figures nutty conspiracy theories will bring in the most votes. She can’t really believe this stuff.

    If she does…. my, she’s gone off the deep end.

  2. The comment has been “backed” by John Judge, who is apparently now her media coordinator, and is one of the major players in the “9/11 Truth Movement”. I’ve met him before, briefly; he is this crazy, so on the scale of attention-getting vs. nutz…well, it might be more towards the latter.

    The statement by Judge is quite convincing until one realizes that it’s missing…well, facts. Of any kind, really.

  3. Wow. I remember watching Rosa Clemente’s acceptance speech and noticing her charge that the government had murdered someone (can’t remember who) by putting lights in his prison cell and giving him cancer. They really are running almost exclusively on various anti-government conspiracies.

    On the upside for you, I know you had been frustrated by the fact that so many Green Regulars were on board the McKinney bandwagon. Looks like she’s doing everything she can to drive off all but the crazies. You may get your party back after all… and you’ll look pretty smart to have been concerned all along.

  4. I would appreciate your vote. I am a write-in candidate for President. If you do not wish to vote for me, I would vote for somebody besides Obama and McCain. You can’t change the recipe by adding the same ingredients.

  5. (Is Ahmnodt Googling the phrase “I don’t know who I’m going to vote for”? 🙂 )

    I don’t know much about Jesse Johnson (or even Cynthia McKinney, for some reason I was even surprised, upon watching the video, to discover she’s black – either I forgot or I never knew), but knowing that you are very level-headed and sane (however misguided a bit politically 😉 ) tells me that he probably wouldn’t go off on tangents.

    Sadly, every American equates “third party” with “nutbar”. McKinney is *not* helping and I predict (now that the Canadian election is over I can start with predictions on yours) that the Green vote will be the same it’s always been or maybe a bit less.

    If you guys *really* want to be taken seriously, have a candidate that would be taken seriously by America! Part of the reason Americans are flocking to McCain and (especially, by the sounds of it) Obama is that they don’t offer bizzare conspiracy theories (and, as I recently posted, debunk them when their supporters do). I can hear you saying “but she wasn’t this crazy at the convention!” I’m sorry, but if the lady taps a “hip hop activist” as her running mate, then she has automatically forfeited the race. If you get a serious person, it’ll weed the nutjobs out of your own party (they’ll form their own “in protest” or join others) and sane people will start coming to you.

  6. Hi Hidden Message team, is holding a blogging party on Election Night, Tuesday Nov. 4th, from 6 pm onwards. There, we’ll share results, network, and discuss how to build the Green movement beyond Election Day. To see more details, go to

    We’re expecting Greens from around the world, so your participation will mean more traffic for The Hidden Message. Please contact if you have any questions. Peace!

  7. @David K: Incidentally, here’s some footage of Jesse Johnson speaking to a documentary film crew in California, the day after the debate in San Francisco.

    @Dave S: Am on Green Change now…there are some technical problems there, but hopefully they’ll be straightened out in a little while.

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