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A quick hitter

so-stupidJust visited the page of a friend who was inspired to donate to Obama because of McCain’s speech, or Palin’s speech, or the Republican Convention in general. The comments section was populated by many Democrats doing the same.

So here’s supposedly the most inspiring candidate they’ve had in ages, and what brings in the bucks? Fear.

Move on, folks. Nothing to see here.


3 Responses

  1. You’re reaching here, scooter …

    You haven’t presented any proof that most of, a majority of, or even a lot of people are contributing to Obama because he’s not McCain rather than because of what he says. People do this all the time, it’s just easier to see with the system of tubes and all. You also haven’t mentioned if your friend or the other Dems hadn’t contributed before. (You may know for your friend, but the others?) And, yes, the race is close, they may haven wanted to see how McCain/Palin is before they definitively “pick a horse” (and, btw, giving money doesn’t determine the White House. What matters is the vote, and they still can vote for McCain), people do that (otherwise the vote numbers would be the same all the time).

    E for effort, though …

  2. Right. Because before the McCain and Palin speeches, the Obama campaign had had a terrible time trying to raise money.

  3. […] My most recent posting about Obama donations as a reaction to fear of McCain/Palin – which of course, from the comments, we know never happens. […]

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