I’m tryin’ – I’m really tryin’ – but I can’t make myself surprised

And now, for today’s “Holy the Fuck, What Were They Thinking?” story – politically speaking, of course; but with a windup like that, you knew it had to be – we have this from the NYT.

Times like this, I miss Sam Ervin.  Remember Watergate, and Sen. Ervin’s frequent interruptions of “Now wait, wait – wait a minute here!  Lemme see if I unnerstand exackly whut you are sayin’!”  Nowadays, we just shorten it to “WTF?”, which has the advantage of brevity, but I do believe Senator Ervin put it with more eloquence.


2 Responses

  1. You know I’m not surprised about this either.

    Best part, no indication that these folks aren’t still making decisions and expecting people to follow them.

  2. Sounds more like incompetence than malice.

    In the end all this will mean is that in the future a extra form will be routed from the Director of the PTO to the Sec. of Commerce for rubber stamping, the current judges will get rubberstamped en masse to continue their positions, and all the cases they heard since 2000 will be relitigated, if the loser can afford to try again.

    Alas, this flaw in no way addresses the major fatal flaw at the PTO.

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