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The hits just keep on comin’

This post made it to WordPress.com’s Top Posts today, which must mean that people were so starved for comedy after the Will Ferrell movie that anything looked funny to ’em.

Quick summary: the Green Party of Canada said that they would be looking for houses with their lights out during the recent “Earth Hour”, and make a note to go back to those houses to ask for donations and such during the next election campaign, as it was a fair bet the folks in those houses would be environmentally conscious voters. Now taken as a statement, this makes an inordinate amount of sense, and – take it from me, please – is better than the way most political parties get information about you.

Enter random rant-wing chucklehead, who describes himself as “arrogant” in the first sentence of his “About Me”.  (A side note about this – and really, this concerns me: what is it about right-wingers that causes them to advertise their beliefs by leading with their personality defects? I’ve lost track of the number of them that start by describing themselves as “proudly incorrect”, or “in your face”, or “arrogant bastards”…I mean, are they afraid that if they just said they liked watching football on weekends and intended to vote for John McCain that their friends at the bar would think they’re fags? Is there some masochistic ritual mating selection that right-wingers do? “Whoa…he’s rude to everyone and isn’t gonna listen to a word I say! Give me some of that!!”)

Anycase, said chucklehead decides that Greens can’t just drive past on the street (in a hybrid, I’d guess) and see that your lights are off, like, um, anyone else who isn’t blind. No, the Greens, he decided, intend to creep up on your windows and spy on you – proving his assertion that they are, as he says repeatedly, “facist”. No, honestly, I can’t make this up. I do wish I had to.

And with that, it gets to the comments, and they’rrrrre off! The comments are fantastic: Godwin’s Law, check; global climate change deniers, check; standard threats of gun violence, check; other incoherent redneck threats, check…heck, people get after the Left for trotting out all kinds of random messages when they get together at rallies or the like, and I have to admit that it’s sometimes true and somewhat annoying…but boy howdy, nothing compares to rant-wingers doing the same thing. It’s a continual assault on reason and logic, punch after punch, from every anti-intellectual hole imaginable…you’re left with your mouth gaping, in sort of a half-laugh – it’s a mix of comedy and horror that tops An American Werewolf in London. You conclude by rushing off to read the Constitution, or another blog, or the USA Today, or the back of a box of Cap’n Crunch – anything with more intelligence to bring your brain cells out of the protective coma in which they’ve placed themselves after reading this drivel.

Anyway, enjoy, or be properly horrified…however it goes with these things.


7 Responses

  1. Sorry, but I’m with Rant-Wing McArrogant on this one (the conservative part of me must be growing larger by the minute!) I had to fill in for someone at work during Earth Hour, so I wasn’t home (wife was and had most of the lights out, but that’s kids’ bedtime and they’re afraid of the dark. Meanwhile, at my work, they did turn out all the lights then, but of course we still needed our computers and stuff to do work (but I’m sure the power was completely off in most of the rest of the large office tower we’re in as most offices were closed for weekend), was hard to dial the phone with the lights out)* but if that’s the way the Green Party operates, I definitely will *not* participate next year. I’m the type that I don’t want to have politicos contact me, *especially* based on previous actions. IMHO it’s just as bad as how they normally find out about you to see if you’re a good match. My work turned out the lights, the building we’re in is owned by one of Winnipeg’s richest families, I doubt that they’re Green Party supporters as a result (I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re dyed-in-the wool Conservatives or Liberals). I believe I heard somewhere (may need verification) that the lights at 24 Sussex were out during Earth Hour, I doubt the PM is a Green Party supporter. This has really brought the Canadian Green Party (not the American Greens, unless they made a similar comment) really down several pegs in my respect-o-metre.

  2. *(yes I use a lot of brackets in my comments. Had an inordinate amount this time though. My way of writing I guess.)

  3. Lighten up, Francis. And read what was actually said. It’s just a neighbor walking his dog and checking on what his other neighbors are doing…that’s all. There’re only so many cabins in the woods for the potential Unabomber crop; sometimes you gotta live next to people.

    If checking to see how and what your neighbors are up to, and making an effort to be aware what’s happening past your own mailbox, is “how the Green Party operates”, then count me proud to be a Green. Conversely, if the “better” approach is to stand by your window and fearfully grip the sill with white knuckles because someone (gasp!) looked at your house!…uh, well, I think I’ll just avoid that “getting more conservative” part of my life, thanks. 🙂

  4. I do that “looking out for my neighbours” thing too (and, btw, I thought you used Canadian spellings now?). Just a few weeks ago, the house next door to ours, that was “sold” since Halloween but still have yet to see someone move in, recently had a light on and the fridge wide open, from what I could see from our door’s window that looks into their property. I called the cops to check it out, it was just someone airing out the fridge for them.

    But there is a difference. If I, say, sold a device that made airing out of fridges unneccessary, and then introduced myself to my neighbours whenever I see them moving in (see renovation trucks parked outside, but still no residents yet) say “Hi, I noticed you needed to air out your fridge while you were getting your house ready! Well, I sell the new FridgeFresh ™ that eliminates the need for that!” I don’t honestly know if they’d appreciate that, they might, but I”m not the type that would at all. I don’t like sales people, and I don’t like being “profiiled” based on my behaviours (which is what you alluded to at the start of your post, companies who have you fill out “comment cards” which have you give personal details about your life and “target market” to you from there. IMHO, using the knowledge that your neighbours participated in Earth Hour to “sell” the Green Party to them (which is what politicians do) wouldn’t sit well with me. Perhaps others (it must, because people still use that sales technique, so it must be effective) but I don’ts likes it.

  5. Okay, but how is that “the Green Party”? If you’d said I hate every single political party out there, that would be, well, a bit much, but fairly consistent at least…most of the time they’re pulling your voting record and looking at that – and maybe cross-referencing it with the house prices in your neighborhood (still south of the bourder – er, border, s’there) or some market trends showing what’s bought in the local supermarket. By comparison, the Green approach of actually going door-to-door is less invasive.

  6. “Pulling my voting record”???? Ex-squeeze me?? I’m almost positive it’s private here (it can say how many voted for which person in my ward, but that’s it.) Is the US voting system even worse than I feared? Do They know how you voted? (Well, you, being an “out” Green, it’s not hard to guess your voting record, but the average American?)

    The way the Canadian system is set up, I’m almost positive they don’t know how I voted (except for the fact that I have publicly stated before that I am a big fan of Bill Blaikie and did vote for him in the last election, but that’s because I volunteered to say that). They can know that my area is primarily New Democratic, but that doesn’t mean that I vote NDP, there’s usually at least 1 vote for other people, I could be the one. Voting records asnd voting preferences should stay private, and if anyone tries to “guess” how you vote by what you buy or what you do, that’s what gets me. I’ve volunteered information before on my voting preferences (most recently in this very reply), but them trying to figure it out without me volunteering it really sits ill with me. (I do like the Green Party, both the Canadian and American versions, I am environmentally concious, I recycle (do they check my curb every trash day to “record” that? Because I don’t do it as a political statement!) I didn’t turn the lights out for Earth Hour because I was at work (where they were turned out, by a building management that is probably not a Green supporter). If I’m saying something they already know, having said it first publicly here, this still ranks up there with another thing I don’t like, targetted marketing.

    And, for the record, I do hate every single political party. 😉

  7. Hey, at least you’re consistent…

    No, they can find out how you voted in the U.S. (yet), but whether or not you voted is a matter of public record. And if you voted and your precinct went 90% Democrat or whatever, they can have a good idea.

    Thing is, targeted marketing, or whatever it might be called, is done because it works…and the alternative is usually untargeted marketing, which is worse. “Can I interest you in a new mortgage? Vacuum cleaner? Bowling ball? Erectile dysfunction pill? Wouldja like to vote Tory?”

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