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Busby Berkeley couldn’t put on a show like this

And now, a heartfelt thank you to the Democratic Party, for making this season so entertaining.  I’ve been telling the folks I know who’re still dancing in the streets from the 2006 “revolution” that I had faith, even given the wildly unpopular proto-fascist regime in the White House, that they could indeed screw this up; even when no way seemed possible, I sat and waited for them to invent one out of whole cloth.  It’s so gratifying to have my faith rewarded.  HuffPost, which is like the Soap Opera Digest of the Democratic Party, is all over it, of course: Hillary vows not to leave, Obama gets a what-the-hell-is-he-doing push from Sen. Bob Casey (D?), and Harry Reid says to pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.  Meanwhile, Samantha Power still lurks in the background, letting us know what we can expect from Obama’s troops-out pledges in the General, and Ralph Nader, who really has by this point jumped right out of the Green Party and over a shark, is making the friendly suggestion that Hillary stay in the race.  Comedy gold.

Still to come in this drama: will Barack get McGoverned?  An open question.  The Clintons have two modes they operate in, and both are in full display: no-holds-barred vengence and an ability to compromise absolutely any value that they supposedly hold.  (If John McCain were to march around in a khaki suit with an armband and grow a funny little mustache, Hillary would adopt the same cut of suit in a jaunty blue, and then claim she invented goose-stepping.)  The rhetoric that they’re using toward McCain is, however, unusually cozy, even for them – how far do they intend to carry it?  Common sense would say that it’s not worth breaking up the Party over, as they are basically the same candidate on issues; common sense would also say, however, that she should get out of the race.

The real thank-God-I’m-Green moment might have been Reid’s, however.  I mean, read this!  Was he carrying a violin case when he said this?  “In Soviet Russia, party choose you!”  Brrrrrrr!

I wonder if they mentally add the air-quotes around “Democratic” when they say “Democratic Party” nowadays?

Most definitely more to come.  Stay tuned.


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