If ever there was a destiny in baseball…

The Dodgers have reported that Nomar Garciaparra (also known as Mr. Mia Hamm) is injured and won’t be starting the season as their third baseman as planned. Garciaparra’s backup, Andy LaRoche, also seems to be injured and isn’t that great of a hitter anyway, forcing the Dodgers to turn to some other prospects:

PHOENIX, Ariz. (AP)—Chin-Lung Hu is normally a shortstop, but injuries to Andy LaRoche and Nomar Garciaparra have thrust him into the mix at third base for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Hu played second base for the first time last year at Triple-A Las Vegas, and has been taking grounders at third since before the Dodgers’ trip to China earlier this month. He also played some third for the Taiwanese national team.

The 24-year-old infielder said things move “a little faster” at third than at short, and that taking ground balls in practice doesn’t compare to game action. Even so, he said he’s up for the challenge if the Dodgers need to use him at third.

“I think I’d be fine if I played (third),” Hu said. “Last year was my first time at second base, and now I feel more comfortable at second base.”

Now given that Hu has now played at three of the four infield positions, I don’t think it’s too big of a stretch to play him at first base either, right?  So for the sake of argument, let’s put him there for now.

I did a bit of digging after this, and discovered that the Dodgers also have a kid pitching for them in the Gulf Coast League by the name of Michael Watt.  Given that the Dodgers’ regular second baseman, Jeff Kent, is as old as the hills, I think this would be a great time to bring the kid up and give him a chance.  I mean, pitching, second base…what’s the real diff, right?  Get him to hit a little bit and the kid’ll be fine!

Now, stay with me, here.  Say the Dodgers trade for Adam Dunn, the slugger from the Reds.  Plays left field, but hey, third base wouldn’t be that much of a stretch – left half of the field and all that.  And of course, you’d need to encourage the guy at his new position, so you could nickname him “Dunn-o”.  Like Hawaii Five-O.  Y’know, “nice play, Dunn-o,” and “way to hit it, Dunn-o!”

So the Dodgers’ new infield would be Hu’s on first, Watt’s on second, and A. “Dunn-o” on…what?  Why are you staring at me??

Is anyone listening?  Dodgers!!  Don’t blow this opportunity!! 


9 Responses

  1. You really have a thing for Adam Dunn. Maybe they should also go out and get Scott Kazmir, and you could truly be happy. They already have Russell Martin, so they be ok by me.

  2. your wife doesn’t beat you enough.

  3. *slap upside the head with a baseball bat*

    Next you’ll say they should get Chicago’s D. Day pitching, and get the Seahawk’s pitcher as well, only they’d have to put him somewhere else, say B. Morrow as catcher?


  4. Well, at least now I have a goal should I win one of the really really big lotteries…

  5. @Mary: Wow. I know you’re a Democrat, but rarely have I seen anyone miss the point so completely.

    @Tigers: Yes.

    @David: Seahawks?

  6. So sue me, I’m not a sports fan (specially Merrican sports). I go to mlb.com to find player names to fit, find the only “Dunn” listed as:

    Player Team Position
    Brandon Morrow SEA P

    the “SEA” makes me think Seattle (rightly), but the team name doesn’t come to mind, the combination of “SEA” with my being a fan of Frasier made “Seahawks” come to mind.

  7. Agh! Find the only “Morrow” I’m really out of it!

  8. @David: You fail at baseball.

  9. That’s nothing. You should see me play! 🙂

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