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Do I have to put you both in time out?

Oh, boy.  Missed this the first time out.  Yes, Olberman went a bit over the top last week about Hillary – I tend to side with politics1.com that you will have idiots who sing your praises no matter who you are, so the association shouldn’t necessarily mean anything – but in deference, when this is on the other side, you may feel some pressure to raise the volume.  “Keith Olberman doesn’t care about Democratic people!”  She even spoilers him – and, backhandedly, Obama, for not going to the back of the bus like a good fellow and letting Lady MacHillary have her Party-decreed turn.  The noive o’ that guy!


4 Responses

  1. Taylor Marsh is wrong anyway about the whole “Obama Hour” thing. Olbermann was always a big Clinton apologist. After Iowa, he started flipping back and forth depending on who was up (seemed his top priority was having a quick primary so he –and the Democratic Party — could aim their fire at the Republicans.) It’s only been in recent weeks that he has appeared to be more friendly toward Obama.

  2. I realized the other day that if Hillary wins the Dem nomination and the White House, in the list of presidents from 1989 to, conceivably, 2017, there would only be 2 surnames:

    Bush (G. H. W., 1989-1993)
    Clinton (W. J., 1993-2001)
    Bush (G. W., 2001-2009)
    Clinton (H. D. R., 2009-2017)

    And they say *anyone* can grow up to become president?

  3. Hello, sorry to be posting this off topic comment, but I still don’t appear to have an email address for you. You are still a member of the LJ community but I’ve not heard from you in a while.

    This Thursday meets in COLUMBIA from 7-10pm and I was really hoping you could join us. Complete information about the event can be found through this recent event update entry

  4. @FIXX: I know, and sorry that I haven’t been available of late! Between working on a campaign, searching for a job, running a podcast…anyway, I digress. Didn’t see this until now, but if there’s a possibility of one happening in this area at some time after, say, 9pm on a Thursday, I’d be interested.

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