Editing Reality

I’ve just finished listening to Micah Dubinko’s Editing Reality at podiobooks. It’s a nice idea for a podcast – Mr. Dubinko had written the story for NaNoWriMo, and it needed editing. He read the book aloud, red pen in hand, and podcast the sections asking for feedback. Along with each section he spoke about editing advice and methods from a number of sources (Strunk & White, The First Five Pages and Self Editing for Fiction Writers were the three he referred to most often), and he asked for feedback from the listeners.

I enjoyed the story, and reccommend it (spoilers behind cut)

It’s a nice, multi-level cyberpunk piece with (mostly) intriguing interaction between the IRL and cyber layers. It was a romp, and for the most part it worked well, but there were some areas where the illogic of it just got in the way.

There were some issues with the technology, however. The MacGuffin was the prototype of some sort of VR technology which allowed the blind heroine to ‘see’ in the VR world. There was no real explanation of what the standard VR technology was, or how the cyber world worked. I couldn’t figure out what the protagonists were doing, or why (what’s the deal with figuring out how in-depth the simulation was? Why was it supposed to be of interest?) I had less of an idea of what the villains were up to, what the MacGuffin had to do with the Map, and why they cared. The ‘game’ apparently had some financial importance, but it was never shown what it could be.

Still, it was a fun listen, and I’d like to hear (or read) what the story turned in to. I was dissappointed that Mr. Dubinko didn’t continue to edit other people’s work when his own was finished (he expressed an interest in doing so, but apparently that fell through).


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