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It followed me home, can I read it…?

Every so often we get vendors knocking on our doors. Quite often they sell really, really expensive vacuum cleaners, but sometimes it’s kids selling chocolates or magazines to raise funds for a team or youth group. On one notable occasion I recall asking the kids what the youth group did, and being told it sold chocolate bars… (yes, there’s a rant in there somewhere.) Quite often the vendors are older teens, and they have obviously had a little chemical help to be outgoing and enthusiastic sales droids.

Today the story was a little bit different. The vendor was about my age, struggling with a cardboard box and followed by a quiet, well behaved little boy, probably in first grade. She was selling a book. One she had self-published.

We talked for a moment through the blocked door (I didn’t want the cat to get out), and she told me a little bit about the story – a brother and sister, living parallel lives, their decisions sending them in totally different directions. Pretty soon I invited the two of them in. The author was somewhat surprised at the overflowing book case in the front room. Soon I introduced them gave them muffins (child-the-younger had baked some lovely ones) . By the time Scooterbird got home I’d bought a copy of her book, From Death to Disparity, and told her about podiobooks as a marketing tool to consider.

I feel as though I’ve done my ‘good deed for the day’, and the book starts out strongly. I’ll write up a book review once I’m through with it.


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