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We Have a Dust Bunny

Growing up, I lived in a house full of animals. Three cats, two dogs, tanks of tropical fish, cages full of mice (which belonged to my older sister), gerbils (which belonged to my younger sister and ended badly), various newts, doves (ended very very badly) and a handful of hamsters (mine). The hamsters began with Kitten (who lived to the ripe old age of three) and ended with Minty (who I had for about three weeks, but I recall as being the smartest of the lot) and a few in between which I don’t recall the names of.

I love a lot of animals, but am especially fond of cats. I learned, growning up, that they don’t mix well with small animals. Therefore my home has been comparitively sparse. One cat (at a time), a few goldfish, and occasionally hermit crabs or aquatic frogs which have not ended particularly well. After fifteen years we lost our cat (age related issues) and now have a one year old.

This year, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law have given me a hamster for my birthday. Me, not the girls.

So, with some anxiety, I would like to introduce the newest member of our household.

She is beautiful, and adorable, and I’m in love with her already. The girls are both old enough to behave responsibly with her. I’m optimistic that we can make this work. Still, childhood memories have made me consider naming her ‘catfood’, but the children objected. “Emergency Food Supply Menchi” was likely vetoed. “Menchi the Dust Bunny” is the current favorite, with the girls just calling her ‘Dust Bunny’.


4 Responses

  1. I have a friend who once had mice named snack, morsel and tidbit.

  2. So, you’ve settled on Dixie then?

  3. A-Ko the Anime Babe…

  4. I still am vaguely befuddled by a hamster named “bunny”.

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