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The mean streets

My blogbuddy/homegirl K. Diddy beat me to this story, which makes me sad, because it’s just soooo delicious.  I mean, hey, I’ve been to Starbucks, too, and I’m right near the city where The Wire is shot – I can write a book about that!

I did, however, one-up kdiddy on this one.  Hah!  Link the Times in one graf – smack ’em down in the next!

And of course, we discover today that the firing of Marc Steiner from WYPR really didn’t have anything to do with ratings (which, you must admit, didn’t really cut the mustard considering this is a public radio station), but more that board members were just butthurt at having the progressive talker be the centerpiece of the station and not the wannabe-corporate money men.  (City Paper reported the same idiots were trying to can Steiner back in 2005.)

I have to wonder if journalism is really that difficult of a profession that writing actual news just doesn’t work any more.  However, if you look at it another way, the best news show out there is probably The Daily Show, so maybe there’s just a convergency happening somewhere in the mushy middle between news and Hollywood.


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