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Cynical observations…

I used to feel that there were two types of friends. Those who will ‘tell you to your face’, and those who won’t. Since I tend to err on the side of directness myself, I tended to choose the first sort because, at least, I knew what their issues were. I figured those who won’t are probably more than likely to spread any problems they have with you around behind your back.

Experience has confirmed the existence of these two sorts of friends. It has also presented a few more categories, including those who honestly won’t notice your flaws. As lovely as that sounds, this third class tends to be no more saintly than the first two… Either they tend to be completely self absorbed, so your little shortcomings simply don’t register on their consciousness, or they have such massive issues of their own that they can’t afford to be aware of those of what friends they have.

In short, friends are flawed. As all human beings are flawed. Whatever choices you make regarding your circle of friends, there will be days when you come face to face with their shortcomings and deficiencies…. unless you have chosen to avoid friendships all together, in which case you will eventually be forced to deal with the ramifications and shortcomings of that choice.

For most of us, the benefits of having friends far outweighs the pitfalls, but there are still and always those days when the absence of humanity seems infinitely preferable.

Not today, actually, but I’m working through bits and snippets from my past, and I thought I’d preserve this particular piece of realization.

I hope all your friendships bring you joy today, and for many days to come.


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