…and we’ll never be ‘cool’ again

Still recovering from the cold from beyond the 8th DimensionTM. I’ve had time to muse on various things (which is always dangerous).

In the past 24 hours one child has been recognized as ‘indispensable’ by  the director of the school play (she’s on tech crew this time around).  The other one was told that there would be no Junior Prom for her class unless someone volunteered for the student council (she’s a Freshman), so (you guessed it) she signed up, because she wants to make sure it’s going to get done.  So it’s been a really good day for parental pride.

I’ve been thinking more about kids, parenting, and how our relationship changes as they get older.  There was a time when they were  younger when whatever Mommy & Daddy were doing was pretty cool, and they wanted to get involved.  Now they’re both still open to adult leadership and inspiration, and they want to be shown how to do things (then allowed to actually do them).   But what they want from Mommy and Daddy is recognition or their accomplishments and the freedom to make mistakes for themselves.

They’ve reached the stage where they want parental cheerleaders, and a little advice if (and only if) it can be delivered tactfully, with the understanding that they can follow it or not.

Not my area of strength, unfortunately.  but I’m going to have to do my best…

Would write more, but another coughing jag has convinced me this is enough for one post.


3 Responses

  1. Actually, you may get cooler when they get older. Mine are 25 and 24 now, and seem to have gotten new appreciation for their parents, now that they are beyond adolescence.

  2. Fair enough. I actually consider my own mother to be a pretty amazing woman…

  3. I’ve driven a minivan and carried a diaper bag in my time. I think I am no longer allowed to be cool.

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