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Wait, did I just dream that?

For today’s Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot moment, everybody do me a favor and verify this the next time you have a chance: head downstairs at the Fort Totten Metro stop to the Green Line platform, go to the Greenbelt tracks over on the left, and take a look at the map of the surrounding area. Every station has one, right?

Okay, good, now follow me here: look at the upper left hand corner of that map, at the top, and find roughly where Tuckerman Lane and 13th St. NW are…and tell me if you do not see a building at that spot on the map which is marked “Megadeath Alchemy Congregation”.

I mean, I thought I was a bit out there with my Universal Life Church ministership and congregation, but that…! That’s a church where I’d like to attend a service, just for the experience. Or perhaps not!

Pics to be included upon next visit. Oh-ho-ho-yes.


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  1. Did you ever investigate this? I was wondering about it too.

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