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Goin’ to the candidates’ debate…

Before you ask the question, the answer is yes – I do in fact wonder if it’s all worthwhile, sometimes.

No one has heard of Jesse Johnson, the candidate that I’m supporting for President. Our Web page isn’t even up yet. The last candidate who ran for us, David Cobb, is still far from a household name, was ignored with malice aforethought in 2004, and ran on a budget that would have been more appropriate for a council run in a medium-sized city, such as Grand Rapids or Daytona Beach – and we, frankly, aren’t even on that scale yet. And yet here I go, crossing the country tomorrow to get him into the Green Party debate in San Francisco. Press coverage will be scant, and the mainstream sources will either give a single line blurb or might actually go to three or four lines if they find something they can ridicule. Of course, if I ever wish to feel better, I just watch the Republican or Democratic debates, and it reminds me of why I’m doing this.

(Had more to write, but WP just blew away half my post with this ridiculous toolbar. Clearly, I’m going to have to get used to this.)


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  1. I hope you had a good flight, and I’m looking forward to hearing how the debates go.

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